Call for meeting with TII in relation to road safety issues in Tipperary

Photo from Google Maps

A local Councillor is calling for an urgent meeting with the T-I-I about a dangerous stretch of the N24 before there’s another death.

Fine Gael’s Michael Fitzgerald says Transport Infrastructure Ireland need to upgrade the road near Monard where there’s a high number of crashes.

He’s calling for T-I-I to prioritise Tipperary after the recent tragedies on the county’s roads.

Cllr Fitzgerald says there has to be a new campaign to improve road safety in the county.

“It’s an unfortunate place for us in Tipperary to find ourselves with the most road deaths in the country at this point in time in the year. That’s a place we certainly don’t want to be and don’t ever want to be again.

“So I think we should start the campaign now based on those figures and based on where we find ourselves.”

Councillor Fitzgerald says the worst fears of residents who live near the N24 are coming to pass.

He wants to meet the T-I-I to urge them to take action on a stretch of the N24 near Monard where there’s been a recent death as well numerous other crashes.

Cllr Fitzgerald says local groups have been warning about the dangers for a long time and something needs to be done to address the issues.

“It has been highlighted by a residents group out there and everything that they’re saying is coming to fruition because so many lives have been lost on that road as well. I sincerely hope that we can have some kind of engagement with TII to push our case to make Tipperary’s roads safer and to highlight the terrible tragedies people have suffered.”