Tipperary priest says Halloween celebrations should be inclusive

Image (c) Canva Photos

A Tipperary Priest believes people should dress up for Halloween what ever way they choose.

Well known Fethard based Augustinian Priest Fr. Iggy O’Donovan was reacting to comments made by Fr Richard O’Connor that children should dress up as saints and not devils this weekend.

However, Fr. Iggy says we have to accept that we are a secular society now and events such as Halloween must be inclusive.

Speaking on Tipp Today, he advocated for celebrations reflecting a modern society:

“If the children want to dress up as witches or goblins or dare I say clergy men and women- so be it. Things are much more optimistic than the nay-sayers may have you believe and we have to face the reality in which we live and if we don’t, we may as well fold up the tent.”