Fallout continues from controversial Kerry sermon

Image (c) Canva Photos

Tipp FM has heard Father Sean Sheehy compounded the hurt experienced by many from the Church in his sermon.

During a now infamous mass on Sunday in Listowel parishioners heard Fr. Sheehy preach about the sin of homosexuality, abortion, and being transgender- something Father Ray Donovan from the Catholic Priests Association says is an outdated and ‘disturbing’.

He told Tipp Today that while the church is slow to progress people of the ground have moved on and attitudes like this are ‘out of sync’ with modern society.

He says that Father Sheehy’s entire homily focused on sex, without any acknowledgement that the church’s teachings around sex need to change.

“All the topics he’s brought up all have got to do with sex, the church needs to update its teaching on sexuality massively , I say massively, it’s way way behind the times. Even on its whole attitude towards gay people the church has not updated itself on the most up to date sciences, research, even the bible there is nothing in the bible that condemns same sex marriages.”

Father Donovan went on to say many people are stuck in the past.

“on the ground people are more generous in their thinking and their blessings than the officials and clerical church. I would hope it would be a good conversation… he is saying he has people who support him there are people who haven’t done any work on developing their faith or their understanding of sexuality their understanding of the development of the human person. There are many people who are stuck in a time warp who are still caught in the brain washing of the Catholic church around sexuality and sex.”