Tipperary Greens appear split on going into government

There are mixed views among local Green Party members on whether or not they will vote in favour of the programme for Government.

The Party will discuss whether or not to go into coalition with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael at a special conference this afternoon.

More than 2,600 party members registered to vote on whether or not to approve the programme for government.

Members will have the chance to debate the issue over 9 hours today before voting next week.

Local Green activist Paul McCarthy is in favour of going into government, albeit with major reservations

“For me personally it’s a bit like a vegetarian turning up at a restaurant and finding there’s only meat on the menu.”

“Very, very reluctantly I think I’m going to vote for it. The reluctance is based on the fact that I do not trust Fianna Fáil; I just do not trust them. I’ve a little bit more inclination to trust Fine Gael.”

“So whatever way you slice this it’s a very edgy arrangement.”

However Rob O’Donnell – who stood as a candidate for the Greens in the Tipp constituency – will be voting against going into coalition

“It was quite difficult for me because I can see that there are some very good things in that programme for government, because of the greens input into it.”

“But I can’t vote in good faith for a deal which is ignoring in some parts the issues that were around the election and when I was knocking on doors and asking people what is it you want us to do. I can’t ignore that part and I just wouldn’t have faith in the two big parties.”