Local TD supports increasing funding for the FAI

Photo from Oireachtas

A local TD has made his support for increasing funding for FAI known in the Dáil.

Deputy Michael Lowry welcomed the motion, saying that sport and sporting events and participation aid local and national economic savings and growth, community spirit, and physical and mental well-being, reducing the burden on the health system.

He added that this is a fruitful investment in all forms of sport and that football has become the number one team sport in the country.

Deputy Lowry backed the motion but urged that such funding be directed at the local club level.

“This Motion calls for increased funding for the FAI. It requests improvement in all sections, from grassroots clubs to League of Ireland Clubs and International teams. Right across Tipperary, we have local clubs that cater for players of all ages, and they would enthusiastically welcome such funding. I would suggest that any increase in the funding provided would be primarily directed at this local level. That it be spent on providing coaching and facilities for the youth. That it be incorporated to a greater extent in our schools.”

He said this increase funding would see the sporting industry continue to grow and that he wholeheartedly supported the motion and investment in football and sport in general, calling it wise as it pays a dividend.

Deputy Lowry added that GAA will always hold a huge place in Irish hearts, but the spiralling love of football needs to be nurtured as it has become the number one team sport in the country.

The Thurles TD says small local football clubs in Tipp need modernising.

“This is the level that will ultimately benefit the most through involvement in football. This will lay the groundwork for the future. We must support football; it needs hard cash to develop and achieve its potential. It is essential for us to provide facilities and equipment. We need to modernise the small clubs across Tipperary and the country. I have supported and assisted many clubs across Tipperary; much more needs to be done.”