Kelly: Return of Newport – Birdhill to Tipp constituency makes sense

Photo © Tipp FM

The Tánaiste says he hopes there won’t be a legal challenge to the new Dáil constituency boundaries.

A number of political parties believe a court challenge could be mounted given a number of constituencies are still over the constitutional limit requiring one TD for every 30,000 people in Ireland.

The Electoral Commission argued the only limit on them was the country as a whole needed to be under that bar – rather than individual electoral areas.

Tipperary will change from one single constituency to separate North and South with three TDs to be returned in each.

Tánaiste Micheál Martin says he hopes the matter won’t end up in court.

The return of the Newport – Birdhill area to Tipperary has been welcomed by sitting TD Alan Kelly and Councillor Fiona Bonfield

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Alan Kelly said in his opinion they should never have been moved to the Limerick constituency.

“It was a significant issue for us – Fiona lives up there and I’m from nearby. Electorally it was a huge hit for us but also the people up there want to be in Tipperary – they didn’t want to be in Limerick (for Dáil elections).

“I know what its like, I’ve seen the people up there being so disenfranchised. Constantly coming to myself and Fiona for support and looking for help on various different issues even though they can’t vote for us.”