Former public representative says Town Council’s gave good value for money

Proposals to restore Town Councils in Tipperary and across the country have been shot down by the Minister responsible for Local Government.

Former Town and County Councillor Tom Wood is one of many who have called for the return of the likes of Cashel Town Council.

However the reply from Minister Peter Bourke made it clear that this would not be happening.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Tom Wood said one of the reasons given was the financial implication of restoring Town Councils which in Cashel’s case he feels would not be an issue.

“We already have the official buildings that were there. The amount of money that was spent in relation to allowances for the nine elected members was a pittance in comparison to the amount of work that was being done.

“In the year prior to the close down of the Town Council just short of €50,000 for the nine councillors – that was what their representational payments were and you know we had democracy at local level. That’s what we got from it.”