Fitzgerald: Missing out on the Oireachtas a regret

Photo from Cllr Michael Fitzgerald's Facebook page

After over four decades in politics Golden based Councillor Michael Fitzgerald says he will leave the stage next year with few regrets.

However the Fine Gael stalwart says he had always harboured a desire to serve on the Oireachtas

Michael Fitzgerald announced last week that he would not be putting his name forward for next year’s local elections.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier he told Fran Curry that gaining a Seanad or Dáil seat was the one thing that eluded him.

“I would definitely have liked to have spent a term or two as a member of the Oireachtas because I know I was doing the work of an Oireachtas member – of a TD – I know I was. And I know to this day with the calls that I get from people right across this county that they nearly consider me as their TD.”

Michael Fitzgerald feels the amalgamation of Tipperary into one county-wide local authority was a mistake.

Speaking on Tipp Today he said the amount of work involved has grown significantly over the years.

“It’s full time now first of all. It’s tougher.

“We can say what we like about an amalgamated county – I think it’s a mistake. We were better able to do our business when we had two counties – North and South – and if you see the Dáil constituencies are leaning back in that direction now.

“I notice now all over the country (political) parties in particular are finding it difficult to get people to stand and it’s because I suppose of the work that’s involved in it.”