Date for Enda departure could be known today

The Taoiseach’s to address the issue of his leadership at the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party this evening.

However it’s unclear if Enda Kenny will spark an immediate leadership election or delay his departure until later this summer.

The Taoiseach’s the third item on the agenda at tonight’s pp meeting – after minutes of last week and matters arising.

Enda Kenny told them last week he’d address what they had been reading in the papers this week.

While many believe that means he will announce he’s stepping down and sparking a leadership contest, some believe he may play for more time and put off a contest until later in the summer.

The reality is no-one but the man himself knows his plans, and he’s remained as coy as ever giving nothing away even last night.

Launching the Nealon’s guide political handbook he did talk about change being needed if democracy is to survive but in the foreword of the book he wrote his determination is unyielding.