Molloy: Family Carers need long-term support

The local Family Carers Ireland manager has given a guarded welcome to speculation that carers are to get a one off payment of €500 in the budget.

However Richie Molloy says more long term help is needed in the form of including those on the Carers Allowance in the Fuel Allowance.

“It’s rare to hear the Family Carers mentioned at all pre the Budget announcement. In the past Carers have generally been much at the very tail end of the Ministers speech so I’d give a cautious welcome to the fact that Carers will get a once off payment.

“But the one big issue for Carers this year really is that if you’re on the Carers Allowance that that would be treated as a qualifying payment for the Fuel Allowance. That would be a much more important one and it would support Carers throughout the year.”