Lowry calls for Dean Maxwell to be funded under National Development Plan

A Tipperary TD is calling for the Dean Maxwell Unit to be included in funding for nursing homes across the country.

The National Development Plan has allocated €1 billion in funding for 88 nursing homes, which do not currently meet the 2022 HIQA standards.

Deputy Michael Lowry said this should include the Dean Maxwell in Roscrea, as the funds would allow for the facility to be brought up to standard and that the HSE should not only maintain the unit, but expand on it.

“The capital plan provides for the expenditure of up to 1 billion to be invested in 88 existing nursing homes that do not meet the ’22 required HIQA standards, now Dean Maxwell falls into that category.

“The National Development Plan states that the funds are being made available to the HSE for refurbishment, for replacement, construction of existing care homes – for the purpose of bringing them up to those standards.”

Deputy Lowry added that he will focus on getting the HSE to bring forward a fully funded plan, which would see the Dean Maxwell not only maintain full services, but expand.

He said that political intervention is needed to see this over the line, as this has now become a political issue.