‘Lock your cars’ – Tipperary Garda appeal following spate of break-ins

Photo © Pixabay

Tipperary motorists are being urged to lock their cars after a spate of break-ins across the county.

Crime Prevention Officer for Tipperary, Sgt Tom O’Dwyer says that 10 cars have been broken into this month alone.

He’s advising car owners to lock their car when unoccupied at all times, and to remove valuables from their vehicle too.

Sgt O’Dwyer has been speaking to Fran Curry on Tipp Today about the trends with recent incidents:

“Since the start of the month, there has been around 10 cars broken into around the county. But it’s the same problem over and over again. People are leaving their cars unlocked both during daytime and at night outside their houses.

“What we’ve found, particularly in built up areas like housing estates, is that they’re leaving their cars open. And unfortunately, criminals are taking advantage of this, literally just walking around the estates checking the doors of cars. Any they find open, they check them and every so often they’re finding valuable property in them.”