Local mother says access to services ‘worse’ than ever for people with disabilities

Stock photo: Pixabay.

A local mother says access to services is ‘worse’ than ever before for people with disabilities.

Collette’s daughter Shauna has autism, is nonverbal and suffers from a form of seizure.

As a result of Covid many of Shauna’s outlets from respite, to day services were cancelled, as well as her loss of routine.

Collette says that she fears that her daughter will regress, and has concerns that medical conditions could worsen due to postponed hospital appointments.

She says that when she looks for answers or help she is told there is a lack of funding or Covid is interfering :

“I contacted people who were meant to be working from home during Covid to know was there any support that they could give , even someone to help me take Shauna for a walk while I was doing housework or while I was cooking a dinner.”

She recalls one incident where she was passed from person to person on the phone :

“ I said I feel like I being turned from Billy to Jack to Joe…She laughed at me, she laughed at me.”