Local councillor says Tipperary parents of special needs children need financial assistance now

Photo from Pixabay

Parents of special needs children in Tipperary are under increased pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As well has having their children at home because schools are closed they are also facing increased costs.

Many of them are having to purchase specialised equipment which would normally be available to their children in school.

Thurles Councillor Jim Ryan is calling for the annual €1,700 Carers Support Grant to be brought forward.

He says parents would appreciate the €1,700 being paid now rather than in the first week of June:

“The financial stress people are under would maybe require some sort of supplementary payment as well. But I think what I’m calling for here is not an extra burden on the finances of the government. This money is going to be paid anyway. People are entitled to it.

“Rather than paying it in June, I think it would be very fair to get them out of a big hole they’re in at the moment fiancially. I think that money should be paid now to help these people and the government should listen to them and pay the money as soon as possible.”