Littering and illegal parking at Stereame putting local businesses at risk warns Cllr

Littering and illegal parking at Stereame is putting local businesses at risk of closing down, is warning from Cllr John Carroll.

The Fianna Fail local representative got the backing of his fellow members at the recent meeting of the Nenagh Municipal District.

Cllr Carroll says a lot of time and money have been spent on developing Stereame Business Park as a place where shops and companies want to set up or move into.

He says he’s been approached by a number of businesses who says they may have to shut down is the problem isn’t tackled.

And he says Gardai need to show they are serious about tackling illegal parking and littering at Stereame Business park:

”The environmental issues that are resulting can be seen from the edge of the public road going into town is totally unacceptable, there’s no regard for environmental issues, or for people going about or really shopping.

”It’s particularly hard  on businesses, and business is challenging at the best of times, big, small and medium.

”There’s a role for the local authority, and the owner has a role to start this issue out otherwise we will lose hard-won businesses in the business park, and that’s the long and short of it.

”I appreciate the support of all the Councillors across the district, we need to act.

”I don’t see a sincerity at all from the Gardai, with no disrespect and they do a lot of good work, and we fully support the Gardai at all times, but from them, the local authority, and the owner, I have seen no tangible evidence (that it will be sorted out).”