Kelly calls for tough action against ferry companies as British holiday makers arrive

Photo © Tipp FM

The Labour Party leader is hitting out at the arrival of many British registered vehicles at Irish ferry terminals ahead of the Easter weekend.

Tipperary deputy Alan Kelly wants immediate action to be taken by the Government, saying these arrivals contradict the message of preventing Irish people from travelling to tourist hotspots this weekend.

Gardai have introduced Operation Fanacht this week to prevent people from taking unnecessary journeys in the coming days.

Deputy Kelly says the Government needs to get tougher with ferry companies to prevent the transport of holiday makers:

“Why are the Government allowing so many people pass through our ports and airports with the intention of holidaying, while at the same time rightly asking our own citizens to stay at home? This double standard is incredibly irresponsible.

“Irish Ferries should not be taking bookings as this time for non-essential travel. Surely, they can tell by their passenger data if large groups of people are looking to travel by car and have a return date within the next week that it is for leisure purposes rather than essential business travel to maintain supply chains.”