Inquest granted for Tipp man who disappeared in 2015

A  Tipperary man who was last seen in June 2015 has been formally been declared dead.

30 year old John Ryan went missing in June 2015.

There has been no trace of the 30 year old after he was last seen near the Cliffs of Moher on June 7th 2015.


Clare County Coroner, Isobel O’Dea said that she has received permission from the Attorney General to hold an inquest into John Ryan’s death, that will allow her issue a death certificate to Mr Ryan’s family.

At the coroner’s court in Ennis this week, Ms O’Dea told the Ryan family she couldn’t begin to imagine the trauma they’d been through.

On June 7th, CCTV footage showed Mr Ryan from Faranaderry, Templemore arriving at the car-park at 9.04pm in his vehicle.

In one of Mr Ryan’s last acts, the aircraft mechanic is seen walking to the coin box for the car park and putting a coin into the box.

He is then seen walking in the direction of the Cliffs and he didn’t return to the car.

The following day, Cliffs of Moher ranger, Tomas Doherty came across a back pack near the Cliff edge, 300 metres from Hag’s Head, that contained a number of Mr Ryan’s personal belongings.

The Irish Coastguard commenced a land and sea search that continued for many days, without locating Mr Ryan.

No trace of him has ever been found.