Tipp rent struggles highlighted

Photo © Pixabay

A Tipperary woman trying to find a place to rent feels that agencies and landlords want couples, rather than single women renting.

The average rent in Tipperary is now €840 a month and many young people are struggling to get a place of their own.

With the shortage of properties on the rise, there are even more obstacles for people who simply want to rent a home, before they get on the property ladder as a home owner.

On Tipp Today this morning, Fran spoke to a listener Chloe, who believes that single women are discriminated against as tenants.

“From talking to my friends now, a couple of the girls, who were looking for accommodation in Clonmel, say they live in Cahir themselves and wanted to move to Clonmel because they got jobs there.

“They found it very difficult to get a response from any agency, just as a single woman.

“I had the same experience, I found it impossible to get any responses on daft.ie or rent.ie or any of them.

“One of my friends had a wicked experience, where she just feels it was very sexist and it was very like ‘and does your boyfriend know you’re taking this place on?'”

Chloe added that even though she has a good job herself, savings for a rent deposit, that she still wasn’t getting responses.

She took tips from her friend’s unfortunate experience and started emails by referring to her electrician fiancé and she noted that she started to get some engagement from agencies and landlords.