Part 8 Planning changes a concern

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary councillors have raised concerns over the removal public consultation for some local authority housing developments.

The decision was made at national level and applies to all local authorities and means that there will be no requirement for Part 8 approval for certain housing projects until December 2024.

Cllr. Declan Burgess first raised the issue stating that not all submissions were objections in Tipperary and therefore creating log jams as suggested by the move.

He was supported by Seamus Hanifin who told Tipp FM that there are examples of where the consultation process has been hugely beneficial.

“We had a recent Part 8 in Thurles on the Slievenamon Road and it came before council members to be voted through but it was deferred to allow for further consultation between the local council members and the businesses and residents on the road and I think everyone agreed that at the end of that process what was on the table was a better project for the council and residents and the businesses and while it might not have been what everyone wanted it certainly was more cognisant of their concerns.”

He told Tipp FM that while objections may be common elsewhere that is not generally the case in Tipperary.

“It is a reaction for the need to provide housing at a national level but certainly in Tipperary we have delivered on all housing targets that have been required and certainly the Thurles area I cannot recall any housing project that has come before us as a Part 8 project that has not been passed but I know it other parts of the country that is not the case and this is a decision that was taken at a national level.”