New lease of life for south Tipp ghost estate

Photo from Google Maps

A “ghost estate” in the village of Goatenbridge is back on track.

Over the last 12 months Councillor Andy Moloney and the late former Councillor Martin Lonergan had been liaising with the developers of the Cois Taire estate in the village.

Tipperary County Council was also involved in the attempts to find a satisfactory solution to the estate.

Significant works have been carried out which Andy Moloney says were in no small way down to the efforts of Martin Lonergan.

“Great news for the village of Goatenbridge and tribute has to be paid to the late former Councillor Martin Lonergan.

“It was his perseverance with the developers and the council getting the ghost estate back in operation in Goatenbridge village. It was an eyesore there for a number of years so it’s great to have the first of the houses advertised again.