Development Plan an opportunity to improve water infrastructure

Tipperary County Council. Photo © Tipp FM.

A South Tipperary councillor believes we don’t have the water infrastructure to cope with future housing needs.

Tipperary County Council are currently drafting their first County Development Plan for the whole county.

Fine Gael Councillor Mark Fitzgerald told Tipp FM that now is the perfect time to make changes so that the water systems are there for planning applications.

“With that new development plan, it’s going to restrict couples and people trying to build in rural areas.

“At the minute, the vast majority of villages and towns in our county don’t have proper water treatment systems.

“Anyone that doesn’t want to move to the big urban centres and wants to stay living in their rural area, where they won’t be able to get planning on a rural road they might have before, they don’t have the option either of building in a town or village that they might come from because the water infrastructure isn’t there.”