Browne urges tenants to report rogue landlords

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary TD is calling for action to ensure tenants are not having to put up with substandard rental accommodation.

Deputy Martin Browne has contacted the Housing Minister over reports that tenants are accepting poor conditions and abuse because they are afraid to speak out due to a lack of alternative housing.

The Cashel based TD says people are afraid of being made homeless in a virtually non-existent rental market.

He says while the vast majority of properties are in excellent condition all of them should be checked out by the local authority before being approved for rental.

“If it’s substandard it should be rejected. Because there’s such a lack of property out there that a place that’s after getting a lick of paint – someone goes in to view it and it looks top class and they take it. But within a couple of month then the dampness starts and all the problems start appearing and there’s so few properties out there people stay in them.

“We feel the who thing needs to change that before any property is accepted it should be inspected.”

Martin Browne says tenants are afraid to complain about substandard housing for fear of becoming homeless.

An investigation is currently underway by Gardaí in North Tipperary into a video circulating on social media which shows a number of men apparently being threatened by an individual.

Deputy Browne says no one should be afraid to report issues to the authorities.