Home security now more usable than ever due to tech advances

Image © Canva

Technological advances have made home security more accessible for homes and businesses in the Premier County.

That’s according to Eleanor Lahart of Hall Alarms in Clonmel who said that advances in technology since Hall Alarms was founded 40 years ago have made security systems more user-friendly.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Eleanor said that nowadays most alarm systems have apps so that if your alarm goes off, you can get a notification on your phone anywhere in the world.

She also said that for those who have a camera system installed in their home or business, you can also check that on remotely on your phone.

“Like now the standard camera is 5 megapixel which is a very clear resolution, you can have it on your phone, on an app on your phone – the same with the alarm systems, you can have an app on your phone, your alarm goes off, anywhere in the world you can turn on and off your alarm through your phone now.

“So all these technical advances have made the systems very user friendly and at the touch of a button or the touch of your screen you can look back on your home from anywhere in the world.”

She also reminded people in the Premier County that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to home or business security.

She said that while there are a lot of “off the shelf” options for security systems, these won’t work for everyone.

Eleanor said that for the best protection, a tailor made system is the best option.

“There are systems out there that are not, you know, one off, you buy a kit or a package and off you go, but really, for security to do what you need it to do, it really needs to be tailored to the premises or the customers needs.

“Some people might want an alarm, that’s more important to them and the guards would say that’s the core security product of any premises. Other people might want camera systems because they’ve had events – people coming onto their property and they’re very nervous.”