High Tipperary participation in Skillnet Ireland initiatives

Over 3,200 people in Tipperary participated in upskilling with Skillnet Ireland last year.

More than 1,000 companies also took part according to figures from Skillnet Ireland which show the national agency for workforce development delivered over 16,000 training days across the Premier County in 2022.


Skillnet Ireland provides programmes to business of all sizes across all regions in key areas such as digital skills and skills for a green transition.

57% of those who undertook training in Tipp were men and 43% were women, while those aged 30 to 39 the largest group of people availing of these upskilling supports.
96.8% of the 1,000 Tipperary companies that upskilled their workforce with Skillnet Ireland in 2022 were small and medium enterprises.

The biggest uptake came from the Agriculture sector, followed by the Food & Drink sector, Manufacturing, Services, Health, Pharmaceutical and Retail.

Companies based in Tipperary undertook upskilling programmes with 60 Skillnet Business Networks, including Tipperary Chamber Skillnet.