UHL was the most overcrowded hospital in the country in July

Stock photo of the Emergency Department at University Hospital Limerick. Photo © University Hospitals Group

University Hospital Limerick was the most overcrowded hospital in July.

Nationally since the beginning of May there has been 27,832 patients without a bed in Irish hospitals including 9,191 last month alone.

UHL which serves North Tipp, Clare, and Limerick topped the list with 1,268 patients on trolleys over the month a yearly increase from 942 in 2021.

This figure is only slightly lower the highest recorded number of people on trolleys in one month at the hospital of 1,293 in 2019.

Cork University Hospital fell second on the list with 1,000 patients.

Elsewhere in Tipperary TUH had 114 patients on trolleys in July up from 86 in 2021.

Nenagh recorded nobody waiting for a bed during the same period.

INMO Director of Professional Services Tony Fitzpatrick says the figres are a cause of serious concern and unless there is a hospital-by-hospital plan a very bleak winter is ahead for Irish hospitals.