Tipp TD calls for legislation on the ‘Right to Be Forgotten Beyond Cancer’

Photo from Oireachtas

A Tipperary TD is calling for legislation on the ‘Right to Be Forgotten Beyond Cancer’.

New research shows many people affected by cancer at any time during their lives face difficulty in securing financial products.

These include both insurance and mortgage protection cover.

The Irish Cancer Society is calling for legislation to be implemented, which would mean people do not have to declare a cancer diagnosis five years after recovery.

Deputy Michael Lowry raised the issue with Tánaiste Leo Varadkar.

“A cancer diagnosis can present a lifelong financial burden for patients long after they have recovered.

“New research from the Irish Cancer Society has revealed that many people effected by cancer at any time during their life face being refused financial products.

“Even if the adult individual was diagnosed with cancer as a child or a teenager they can still face challenges when trying to access financial protection for the future.

“It seems that their past diagnosis is being used as a stick to beat them financially.”

Responding in the Dáil Leo Varadkar acknowledged the problem and said it was being considered by government.
“I have to acknowledge that insurance is ultimately about the calculation of risk and that is how premiums are calculated.

“But they must be calculated in a way that is fair.

“Officials are no engaging with stakeholders and colleagues across Europe to better understand how they’ve dealt with this issue.

“We are aware of the Irish Cancer Society’s “Right To Be Forgotten Beyond Cancer” report. The government is also aware that a number of EU member states have implemented such a policy and on foot of that officials are now examining the approach in these jurisdictions.”