Tipp Family Carer’s back call for abolition of means-testing for Carer’s Allowance

A number of Family Carers from Tipperary will be in Leinster House today to hear a Dáil motion seeking to replace means-testing for the Carers’ Allowance.

Local Family Carers Ireland manager Richie Molloy has long said that the carers’ allowance should be based on the level of care being given and nothing to do with a person’s means.

The Regional Group of TDs are calling for all-party support, to provide financial stability and recognition to family carers across the country.

Deputy Denis Naughten says means-testing the Carer’s Allowance has left many carers struggling to make ends meet, and forced to choose between food and fuel for heating.

“It’s vitally important that we do remove the means test for the Carer’s Allowance because it does for the first time then provide recognition from the state of the very vital work that’s being carried out by half a million Carer’s across the country.”