Renewed call for local TDs to back Nenagh hospital campaign

Nenagh Hospital. Photo © Tipp FM

Members of the Nenagh Needs it’s A&E have reissued their appeal for local TDs to support their campaign.

This comes following the protest in Limerick at the weekend where it’s estimated 11,000 people lined the streets to call for improved health services in the Mid-West Region.

Tanya De Vito is one of the members of the Nenagh campaign and says they have contacted local politicians in the past and asked them to join their fight.

She told Tipp Today despite this they have not gotten back to them to voice their support, and questioned why they then attended at the weekend.

“When I saw that there was people there that haven’t engaged with us and haven’t come out and said few want to reinstate A and E’s in Nenagh, Ennis and St. John’s I thought why are you here then, why are you, so why were they there then? That is a question for them to answer, but we have invited them to join us and we will continue to invite them. This is what more than 11,000 people who marched on Saturday, that’s what marched for.”

Conor Reidy is another local member of the Nenagh Needs it’s A and E says no-one deserves the treatment his father got due to the region’s health services.

He shared his own, stating that his father was discharged from Nenagh to a nursing home and shortly after fell ill and needed readmittance.

However, he told Tipp Today that due to protocol, at 89 years of age, he was forced to go to UHL and had to stay there for over a week before dying in Nenagh.

“I thought he was leaving us that night, I was with him the resuscitation unit in the ED, I made my peace with him, the next morning he was out in what I call the zoo part of the ED. Another week in the hospital in UHL ,and then back to Nenagh where he finally, thankfully passed not on a trolley and ended his life with dignity. But what he was put through during those weeks was both ludicrous and unforgivable.”