Further protests likely in bid to restore Tipp mental health services

People power is seen as the best way forward in the campaign to improve mental health services for Tipperary.

It follows Saturday’s public rally in Clonmel organised by the Tipperary’s Fight for Mental Health Services group.

Many have expressed disappointment at the number of people who attended the march with estimates ranging from 500 to around 1,500.

Deputy Seamus Healy was among those who turned out on Saturday campaigning for the return of crisis mental health beds to the county.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier he said further protests are probably the only thing the government will listen to.

Many people have been calling for the reopening of St Michael’s Unit in Clonmel as the first step in tackling the mental health crisis in Tipperary.

It closed in 2012 despite the decision being challenged to the Supreme Court.

However Deputy Healy says while the HSE and Department of Health have accepted that beds need to be restored they won’t be at St Michael’s.