Local nutritionist says ‘health trends’ aided decline of fizzy drinks

Stock photo: Irish Water.

A Tipperary nutritionist says social media ‘health trends’ have aided to decline in fizzy drink consumption.

Young people in Ireland have enjoyed the sharpest decline in the consumption of sugary soft drinks across 21 countries Europe between 2002 and 2018, researchers at NUI Galway have found.

Ireland also experienced the sharpest drop in consumption daily.

Laurann O’Reilly a nutritionist based in Clonmel says there have been a number of campaigns promoting healthy eating in schools, with ‘influencers’ online also nudging young people towards healthy lifestyles.

She told Tipp today that education is important, particularly to reach those with lower socio-economic backgrounds:
” teaching people from lower socio-economic backgrounds for instance that the key here is they didn’t know. When people are educated and they understand what they are doing we call that informed consent. when you understand what you are doing… you are more likely to take the steps to counteract that.”