Live in Care needed quicker according to former Tipperary carer

Photo: Pixabay

A former Tipperary carer says Live in Care should be rolled out quicker in Ireland.

Jodi was a professional carer in both the private and public sector locally for 18 years and says the HSE’s allocation of half an hour to carry out their work is not enough.

She told Tipp Today that you’re dealing with the elderly who need time to get up, dressed, washed, and fed, something she says is impossible in that time frame.

Jodi also feels that leaves no time for talking and companionship which many of these people also need.

She says she has always been an advocate for Live in Care, which she did herself for a time:

“Now they are starting but it s after taking the best part of 10 years to get this up and running and whatever, and it shouldn’t have taken that long because there are highly skilled Health Care Assistants out there and you know they all have the modules, we all have to have modules and assessments done now and this that and the other, which is brilliant and is needed and it is also brilliant that we are all vetted and all that as well which is needed.”

Jodi who also specialised in Parkinson’s feels they needed to put money into the system before the onslaught seen following Covid, and that funding it still lacking :

“Only for the carers of this country who are looking after their oved ones, the family carers, only for them it would cost the Government, they wouldn’t have a surplus I can guarantee you, they wouldn’t be having  surplus this year in money, to think oh we have a surplus this is brilliant, no it isn’t they should pump it into the health service between that and the mental health service it is absolutely disgraceful.”