HSE urged to find replacement GP for Templemore practice

Photo © Tipp FM

There’s growing frustration in Templemore ahead of the imminent closure of one of the few GP practices in the town.

Tipperary TDs Jackie Cahill and Martin Browne have been among those calling on the HSE to step up their efforts to find a replacement for the practice run by Dr Joe Hennessy, who’s heading into retirement.

There are growing concerns that the practice will be left to close, with around 800 people searching for a different service in the area.

Local resident Daniel ‘Buddy’ Guerin was among those on Tipp Today this morning, who said it’s causing distress in the area.

“They want to move it down to a surgery that can hardly cope with what they have as it is.”

“You’re talking about 800 people – that’s just Medical Cards alone. Anyone that’s private then has to go off and try to get a doctor somewhere else.”

“I made enquiries into why was the HSE doing that – they took it over in July and they advertised for a doctor. They didn’t give it enough time – this is only August.”