Evan Hickey getting his life back on track

Tipperary man Evan Hickey is recovering well from life-saving brain surgery in Brussels.

The Clonmel native has had to put his life on hold since he was diagnosed with a cyst on his brain last year – but is looking forward to being fully back to himself in the near fututre.

Evan Hickey says despite all the adversity he’s faced, he wouldn’t change a thing about the last 2 years.

Evan was in Canada in 2016 when he first started showing symptoms.

The 25 year old returned home only to be diagnosed with what doctors thought was a pineal cyst in February of 2017 – however it subsequently emerged he had a tumor.

He has now been given a new lease of life after life saving specialist brain surgery in Brussels in June.

Evan says he’s thankful he’s had to face something so difficult and come out the other side…

Prior to the surgery, a fundraising drive was launched in a bid to raise money for the complex procedure.

The Clonmel family has thanked the people of Tipperary for their efforts in raising money for the life saving surgery.

Before the procedure, Evan had constant pressure on his brain, resulting in almost constant pain along with memory and vision problems, meaning he could barely leave his bedroom.

But Evan’s dad Joe says it’s amazing to see him back doing normal day-to-day activities…