Lowry: Gardaí disillusioned with management of the force

Photo © Pat Flynn

Changes to the Tipperary Garda Division will only add to poor morale within the force according to a local TD.

The Tipperary and Clare Divisions have amalgamated with the Chief Superintendent for both now based in Ennis.

The move has led to concerns among members of the public, politicians and rank and file members of the force.

Speaking on Tipp Today Deputy Michael Lowry said the changes will have a detrimental impact on day to day policing in Tipp.

“The reality is what’s happening is we’re going to be robbing Peter to pay Paul. You can put more Gardaí on enforcement but they’re going to be coming off other sections and other areas such as crime detection and the protection of people in rural areas is going to be lost out.

“And there’s a reason why Gardaí are retiring early and quitting the job – and the reason they tell me is they feel undervalued and disillusioned with management of the force.”