Local GRA rep says Dublin riot shows Gardaí need to be properly resourced

Photo © Pat Flynn

The Tipperary representative for rank and file Gardaí says last night’s riots in Dublin show that the force is not properly prepared for such incidents.

Officers were drafted in from across Dublin and neighbouring counties to try to cope with the rampage of violence and destruction.

Richard Kennedy from the Garda Representative Association told Tipp Today earlier this not only shows how under resourced the force is but also raised concerns about the equipment Gardaí are supplied with.

“It did highlight aspects of lack of equipment and that. Previously members when they were leaving the Garda College would have been issued with a public order helmet and bits and pieces – that just doesn’t happen anymore.

“And public order training just doesn’t happen anymore – these things are left to the Public Order Unit. The training and equipment aren’t there anymore for members when a situation arises.”