Letter gives insight into the mindset of couple found dead in Tipperary

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An elderly couple who were found dead in their home in Tipperary, a year and a half after they were last seen, distrusted the Irish health system.

The bodies of 82 year old Nicholas Smith, and his 79 year old wife Hillary, were discovered in their home in Rossane near Cloneen last year.

A letter written by them was discovered in their bin, in which they wrote how they wished they had never moved to Ireland.

Legal Affairs Editor with the Irish Independent, Shane Phelan, says Gardaí discovered the letter in a bin.

“The letter was actually in fragments. It was torn up and found in the rubbish in the house by the Guards who went in. It was pieced back together by a Garda hand-writing expert.

“I suppose what the letter does…it doesn’t solve the mystery…but what it does do is it offers some clues into the state of mind that Hillary and Nicholas Smith were in.”