Call for urgent meeting with Justice Minister on Roscrea Garda numbers

Photo courtesy of Shane Lee

A local County Councillor has spoken out about the lack of Garda personnel in Roscrea.

Independent representative Shane Lee had his car stolen over the weekend with the vehicle subsequently involved in an incident which left two police officers requiring hospital treatment.

A man has since been arrested in connection with both the theft of the car and the ramming of a Garda vehicle.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Shane Lee – who is also a member of the Tipperary Joint Policing Committee – said this latest incident leaves the force even more stretched in Roscrea.

“In no way or means am I tackling the Guards themselves in relation to this – I’m fully supportive of the work that they do but like the numbers in Roscrea Garda station are at an all-time low.

“Subsequent to what happened on Saturday evening that leaves two more Gardaí now that we’re short inside in town. Unfortunately our Gardaí in Roscrea are like the Fire Brigade now they only react to calls.

“God be with the times when I was growing up in the community where if there was a football event or a community event or whatever the case may be the Gardaí were always part of that. That doesn’t happen anymore, you don’t see them on the beat because they’re just not there.”

Cllr Lee is seeking an urgent meeting with the Justice Minister in relation to the lack of Gardaí in Roscrea.

“There has been few different things going on in Roscrea over the past number of weeks and months. I will be calling for an emergency meeting with the Minister for Justice and the Minister for Integration because its just not good enough what’s going on in Roscrea. The people of the town are absolutely, they’re sick to the teeth because of what they’re witnessing and people are genuinely concerned.”