Tipp town clean to ‘European norms’

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary town is clean to European norms.

That’s according to the the latest Irish Business Against Litter survey which shows Kilkenny is the cleanest area and Ballymun in Dublin is the most littered place in the country.

Tipperary has hung on to Clean status on its return to the Litter League after an absence of several years.

The top ranking sites included Market Yard Car Park, Tipp Town Shopping Centre and Tipperary Council Offices.

According to IBAL these were not just very good with regard to litter but also well presented and maintained.

They’ve noted that the Main Street and Bank Place areas were littered and presented poorly, while they also pointed out the high number of vacant or unoccupied premises in these areas.

According to IBAL these create a poor impression and say little has been done to minimise their impact.

The field labelled ‘IDA Industrial Estate’ in the town was described as a litter blackspot, and according to IBAL is being used to house some ponies and as a dumping ground.

They’ve also questioned if the IDA still responsible for this site.

Litter levels were assessed by An Taisce, who found 77% of towns or cities surveyed to be clean.