Minister Eamon Ryan questioned on need for Shannon Pipeline

Photo © Tipp FM

The Environment Minister appears to have poured some cold water on the controversial Shannon Pipeline.

Minister Eamon Ryan was challenged by Tipperary TD and Labour leader Alan Kelly on the need to pipe millions of litres of water from Lough Derg to Dublin each day.

Deputy Kelly highlighted the fact that the Covid pandemic had seen many people move away from Dublin to work remotely in places like Tipperary.

He raised the question that Covid had changed everything with regard to spatial planning.

“What is your personal position now in relation to the 170 kilometre Shannon water pipeline. Given that this is now under public consultation is it your view that this is necessary or is it your view that we should be looking at other options as well?”

The Green Party leader’s response has left Alan Kelly questioning the future of the pipeline.

“I’ve long held the view that we need better balanced regional development.

“A lot of water use is industrial – people don’t actually don’t see it or don’t notice it but its actually huge.

“My view to be honest with you is if that’s where the water is would we not move the industry to where the water is rather than shipping everything.

“We are imbalanced in this country – this is not working for either Dublin or the rest of the country.”