Two Tipp Gardaí honoured for their bravery

Two Tipperary Gardai will be honoured for their bravery at Templemore Garda college today.

Sergeant Deborah Marsh and Garda Gerry Brassil will receive the Scott medal for their actions in dealing with a gunman during a routine stop in North Tipperary in 2012.

They are among 7 Gardai who be awarded the highest honour today.

Sergeant Deborah Marsh and Garda Gerry Brassil were on patrol in Newport on the night of January 30th 2012.

They pulled over a vehicle being driven by 44 year old Anthony McMahon who pulled a shot gun on the Gardai and began to fire indiscriminately.

Garda Gerry Brassil attempted to disarm the man while Sergeant Marsh pepper sprayed him.

They managed to disarm him but the man produced a second firearm which he also fired at the Gardai.

The Gardai took cover and also protected a local resident who came on the scene, while putting themselves in danger in order to stop traffic from coming on to the scene.

McMahon then turned the gun on himself.

Sergeant Marsh and Garda Brasil will receive the Scott medal today for the bravery they showed during the terrifying ordeal and for preventing anyone from being hurt in the incident.

They are among 7 Gardai being honoured today, also among them is Garda Tony Golden, who was shot dead in October of 2015 while attending a domestic dispute.

This morning also saw the passing out ceremony for 59 women and 152 men who graduated from the Garda College in Templemore.

The group includes 14 non-Irish Nationals from the UK, Poland, Lithuania and the US.

The Gardai will now move on to further training in Garda stations.

The graduates and their families say it’s a proud day: