Leaving Cert reform seen as a positive step


A Tipperary career guidance counsellor believes that a move away from the traditional Leaving Cert model is positive.

The new Leaving Cert reform will see the grades being split with 60 percent for the written exam and 40 percent continuous assessment.

Students will also sit their English and Irish paper ones at the end of fifth year, spreading the exam out across the two years.

There will also be two new subjects – drama, film and theatre studies and climate action and sustainable development.

Julia Noble is a career guidance counsellor in Templemore College of Further Education.

She told Tipp Today that the reform is a good move away from a currently very rigid model.

“I definitely think the terminal Leaving Cert exam as you say, kind of sticks with us for life. I think when you go to university, you never experience anything like it.

“It definitely is a positive move away towards that really loaded time – the first two weeks of June kind of dictating your future and giving education a lighter load across the two years and I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction.”