Goldsboro highlights need for SENO in South Tipp

Imelda Goldsboro

There are urgent calls for the immediate implementation of a Special Educational Needs Organiser in south Tipp.

Councillor Imelda Goldsboro has made the call ahead of the return of schools in September as she says many parents of children with special needs require assistance organising their school transport.

She asked councillors to support her in sending a letter to the Department to request the SENO before there are delays when the students go back to school.

Councillor Goldsboro told Tipp FM that they need to stop being reactive to these situations.

“Those applications need to be processed and I don’t want families to have to endure delays with transport for their kids going to school.

“So we need to be proactive now instead of talking about it in September when delays occur… I am looking to deal with this as a matter of urgency.”