Calls for review of school transport system

13-year-old Luke Carroll from Kilcommon, who started secondary school in Thurles. Photo courtesy of Breda Carroll.

The plea comes after a number of students in the Kilcommon area of mid-Tipp were told yesterday they would not be given a place on the school bus this year.

22 second level students who attend schools in Thurles are impacted by the decision.

Breda Carroll has two children attending school in Thurles this year – one of them is going into 1st year with her eldest starting 3rd year.

He has been allocated a ticket for the last two years which has left Breda questioning why it should change now.

“It’s very hard to understand if a child is allocated a ticket to go into a school in 1st Year it’s very difficult then that they’re not automatically allocated for the remainder of their years in the school. You know they’re settled into the school.”

“The majority of us have children in national school as well and there are other families who have children in pre-school and babies at home. Logistically it’s just impossible now to figure out.”