Nenagh estate agent says housing should not be an issue following jobs announcement

Photo © Tipp FM

A Nenagh-based estate agent is playing down concerns about housing availability in light of a major jobs boost for the town.

Following Fiserv’s announcement of 200 additional jobs at their Stereame base over the next three years, deputies Alan Kelly and Jackie Cahill were among those to highlight potential issues with housing stock for new workers in the area.

Eoin Dillon, who runs the town’s Real Estate Alliance branch, doesn’t expect this announcement to put too much strain on an already tight supply of housing.

“The thing to bear in mind is that they announced 200 jobs over the next three years so its not as if there are 200 people arriving in Nenagh tomorrow morning all looking for housing at the same time.”

“Also I suppose a lot of their workers are now working remotely or able to work from home and that so they’re not necessarily all going to be living and working in Nenagh five days a week.”

“You could very well see people commuting from Shannon or from Dublin one or two days a week to the office in Nenagh and working remotely the other couple of days a week.”