Tipperary Gardaí encourage minority and ethnic communities to join the force

Photo:© Pat Flynn

Gardaí in Tipperary are encouraging members of the many nationalities living in the county to consider joining the force.

There are currently just over 14,500 officers across the country with the aim to add a further 800 this year.

In a bid to attract people from minority or ethnic communities Gardaí in the Tipperary Division have introduced what’s called a ‘buddying’ system.

Sgt Ray Moloney from the Cahir District says traditionally Irish people looking to join the Guards would ask relatives or friends already in the force for advice.

However he says this option isn’t really available to applicants from other communities or cultures.

“We are going to step in and provide a buddying system for them.

“We’re hoping that anybody who is interested in this buddying system will contact us on [email protected] with any kind of question or query they may have that may not be answered through the Public Appointments Service and we will endeavour to put them in touch with their local Guard so that they can develop a relationship as they progress through the system.”

At the moment the Tipperary Division has officers from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Sgt Moloney says being able to approach a member of the force from your own culture will make things a lot easier for people.

“In order to represent the people of Ireland we need to draw people into the Gardaí from different cultures.

“To be able to speak to someone in their own native language is certainly an advantage especially when dealing with victims of crime and injured parties in relation to serious offences.”

Prospective candidates can apply via www.publicjobs.ie