Tipp born US policeman says officers involved in the death of George Floyd are a disgrace

Photo from Kirwans on the Wharf Facebook page

A Tipperary native serving as a police officer in the US says he hopes those responsible for the death of George Floyd feel the full wrath of the law.

Mark Kirwan, who’s based in Washington DC, has described the actions of those officers as a “disgrace” and says the current atmosphere for police in his city is the worst he’s ever experienced.

The Roscrea native moved to the US in the early 90s, and also runs two Irish bars in the city.

He’s been outlining the current experience of working in a US city.

“I’ve been 20 years in the Police Department and this is the worst I’ve ever experienced.”

“You know usually you’d have the odd group of people in certain neighbourhoods that wouldn’t take too kindly to the police department but it’s everywhere.”

“We’ve had extremely violent acts, one of the guys who works in my team – Special Operations – had his leg broken.”

“So that’s what we’re dealing with, you know the looting is unbelievable.”