GRA welcome guilty verdict in Aaron Brady trial

Photo © Pixabay

Tipperary’s GRA rep says members of the force have broadly welcomed the guilty verdict reached in the trial of Aaron Brady for the murder of their colleague Adrian Donohoe.

The 29 year old is set to be in prison for at least 40 years after being convicted of the capital murder of the detective garda during an armed robbery at Lordship Credit Union in Co Louth in 2013.

The Armagh man will be officially sentenced in October.

Tom Finnan from the Tipperary branch of the Garda Representative Association says Garda Donohoe’s colleagues across the country would have been keen to get involved in the investigation.

“They would have been – we go into the college and we get trained and go off to different stations around the country. We’re all colleagues at the end of the day – we all remember who we went to Templemore with.”

“So I’m sure a lot of his classmates and extended group would have asked could they have helped.”