Council urging Tipp householders to only used licensed waste collectors

Photo: An Garda Síochána Tipperary / Facebook.

Tipperary County Council are warning the public to beware of illegal waste collectors operating in many areas.

Marion O’Neill, Senior Executive Officer with the Council’s Environment section, says they have seen an increase in illegal dumping since the pandemic began.

She is thanking the public for their assistance in highlighting such issues, and says multiple cases are before the courts.

She says people also need to be cautious about who is looking after their waste collections.

“Illegal waste collectors calling to households offering to collect their waste – we’d ask households to be cognisant of that unless a collector is able to issue a receipt to you, you would question their bona fides. It really goes back to the households to look at that decision.”

“Where there’s persistent dumping we would then follow that up by carrying out house inspections around those areas to determine if people had a valid waste collection arrangement.”