Council criticized over handling of Ardfinnan Bridge

The transparency with which Tipperary County Council does its business has been called into question.

It comes as some locals, TDs and Councillors are at loggerheads with council officials over plans for Ardfinnan Bridge.

They are opposed to the plan to have a one-way system, with permanent traffic lights and a widened pedestrian footpath on Ardfinnan Bridge.

A request for funding for alternatives has been ruled out by the Transport Minister.

There have also been complaints about the council’s handling of the project, with locals criticizing the lack of consultation.

Deputy McGrath also criticized the amalgamation of North and South Tipp councils, and says South Tipp have gotten a raw deal.

Speaking on Tipp today this morning, Mattie McGrath says when it comes to the bridge in Ardfinnan, it’s the council’s way or no way.

FF Councillor John Hogan took issue with Deputy McGrath’s comments about the council, and believes there is no division between North and South.

He insists the real issue with Ardfinnan Bridge is that Tipperary has no one sitting at a cabinet table.