Premier among highest for Covid-19 vaccine uptake

Stock photo. Photo: Pixabay.

The uptake rate of Covid-19 vaccines in Tipperary is above 96%

Waterford and Carlow have the highest rates while Monaghan and Donegal have the lowest.

The Irish Independent has obtained figures on the county-by-county roll-out.

The paper breaks down the vaccination roll-out per county along with the latest incidence of Covid-19.

It shows, despite having the highest levels of spread of the virus Monaghan and Donegal have the lowest uptakes of vaccines with just 81 and 83 percent respectively getting jabbed.

It’s followed by Laois which has 85 percent of people getting the vaccine.

While the highest uptake is around the south-east with Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford and Carlow all having uptakes of more than 96 percent.

Sligo, Wicklow and Limerick all have more than 95 opting for a jab.

The figures are based on adults over the age of 18 from a week ago.